Thursday, January 21, 2010


I had great plans for this week. Really wanted to try some new polymer clay effects and even do some work around the house. Monday I woke up to find the world spinning at great rate around my head. To add to that I got violently ill every time I moved.

Clayt couldn't get the doctor on the phone so called 9-1-1. At the hospital, they put some medicine in my IV to stop the dizziness and gave me a pill for the nausea. They did blood work and took a cat scan to check my inner ears.

A couple of hours later I could stand and walk to the car. The pills they gave me caused me to sleep.... and sleep.... and sleep. I slept most of the next two days. When I was up, I staggered from one place to another - couldn't walk in a straight line. I had quit taking the nausea pills but still have a small amount of upset stomach. It's been four days and I still can't walk straight but I'm not going to take the dizzy pills unless it gets really bad again.

I'm sure tomorrow will be a happier day. Since it's my birthday, it better be.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

I've gotten so many comments on my polymer clay Christmas Tree Pin I wear on my jacket that I'll have to make something else in other colors. I thought about making one in black, white and silver.
I've been working on some crackled faux raku. I really like the look. I think though that I pre-heated the clay a little more than it needed to be. Part of the pieces crackled too much. Need to add them to the slideshow as soon as I get a good picture.