Wednesday, October 27, 2010

UV Resin

I tried a new UV resin that you can cure outside in the sun or under a UV lamp. Some people use the lamps like beauticians use to dry nails. I just take mine outside when the sun is shining. Some days I just forget about doing it because the sun doesn't come out.

I see beautiful pieces that have resin coating on them and think it would be easy to do. I always get too much on and it drips over the side or I get too little on and there are spots without a nice glaze on them. It's hard to get a happy medium.

I had a couple of pendants I made using a mold from antique buttons. They are round and domed in the middle. The resin slid off the side and some got under the pendant. When the top was cured I turned it over to cure the resin that had sneaked there. I left it out longer than needed and still it didn't cure. It's still a little tacky. I'm going to have to go to the website of the makers and see if they can help me.