Saturday, January 1, 2011

After Christmas & New Year's Day

Last week I made a steampunk heart and a heart with the leftover black clay that had silver leaf crackled on it. I wanted to try doing the steampunk heart differently than I had in the past. I need to put the UV resin on it to see how successful it was. I need to buy a UV lamp to cure it because when I put a batch of pieces in the sun, half of them don't cure. They become contaminated I'm told. I hope I can find a lamp around here and not have to send online for one.

New Year's Day we went to Jenny and Bob's. Carly and Tony had gone to Sara and Josh's so there was only nine of us - Chris and Sheila and Austin, Nathaniel and Susie, Bob and Jenny, Clayt and I. The guys went out to the shed to shoot and Susie slept because she has had a bad cold for a couple of weeks and Bob gave her some peppermint schnapps that put her out. Jenny, Sheila and I played Skip Bo and Austin slept.