Monday, November 15, 2010

Trunk Show

Saturday I did a trunk show at Apropos, a gift shop in Wadsworth. Sally, the owner, had a table set up for me with a black velvet cloth and a large lamp on either end. I thought the lamps would take up too much space and not leave enough room for my pieces, but the table was wide enough that I had plenty of room and the vases enhanced the layout. I only took the very best pieces, which I should do anytime I want to sell. I had four busts raised on two vases with a board between. On top of the board I had a lace edged table runner. I think it was a very nice layout.
About lunchtime Sally asked me if I'd like a cup of tea. That sounded great. I had been snacking on some raw nuts I had in my purse. When she brought the tea, she also had a slice of pumpkin roll on it. That's definitely not on my low sugar diet, but I savored every bite. Later she brought me another cup of tea with some chunks of cheese and said that there was a delicious dip and pretzels out front with the refreshments that would be good with the cheese.
I was surprised at how many people came in to shop the small store. Also, how long people stayed. Most were there for an hour or more. A few friends came in an boosted my sales and at the end of the day, Sally bought seven items.
It was a profitable and enjoyable day.