Saturday, May 1, 2010

I've been trying a few new things with polymer clay lately. Not all of them were successful. The faux opals don't look like other people's but I think they are pretty. Others I've seen look like the translucent clay disappears but mine looks cloudy. Then I looked at my real opal ring and it has a cloudy surface. So maybe mine is more real looking than theirs.
Robin and Brent have moved to Pennsylvania. I keep thinking about asking her if she needs anything from the craft store when I'm going and then realizing that it wouldn't be any good because it would be a long time before she got it.
Yesterday I made some torn watercolor beads and tumbled them. Today I drilled holes in them. In some, the drill pulled a piece of the torn clay away and since I used scrap clay to put the torn pieces over, the wrong color showed through. Good thing I made a lot of them.
Clayt went to the hospital yesterday, so I want to go visit him later today. He's been sick for about a week and his two doctors don't know what is wrong. He's having a test later this morning to check out his digestive tract. He has to drink some stuff beforehand.