Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Mod Cane

I saw a post about making a polymer clay flower mod cane with the extruder so decided to try it. In the mod cane you put circles of different color in the extruder and when they come out all the different colors are showing when you slice them. Each slice is different. I made a long snake and then cut it into 7 lengths. Six of the lengths went around the 7th making a flower petal. Of course you can't find a real flower that looks like that but it's interesting.
Picture showed up good other places, but doesn't look good here. The pendant to the left in the picture was not put through the pasta machine after the cane slices were laid on the sheet of polymer clay. The one in the right was.
I now have to bake them, sand with three grits of sandpaper and finally polish on the buffer.

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